SafeJawz Review | Unique Design Custom Fit Mouthguards for Sports

Mouthguards play a crucial role in sports to protect teeth from trauma and other injuries. If you are looking for any mouth protection for sports, all you should know is about SafeJawz, an online store that provides mouth-fit safeguards for complete protection.

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SafeJawz has a wide range of custom fit and self fit mouthguards. It also provides various other accessories for mouth protection. All the products are made from extremely high-quality materials. More details about the mouthguards and pricing will be available in this article.

Why choose SafeJawz?

If you think about why to choose SafeJawz over other mouthguards providers, then one of the reasons is that it provides mouthguards for different sports like MMA, rugby, boxing, and hockey. It has a 3D customizer to design your unique custom mouthguard. SafeJawz offers a huge variety of colors for mouthguards that are completely handmade.

Products at SafeJawz

SafeJawz provides a wide collection of completely safe mouthguards for sports and other physical activities

SafeJawz Extra Series Self-fit

SafeJawz Fangz mouthguard has highly advanced features and gives a very comfortable fit and optimum protection from all sports. This SafeJawz mouthguard gives complete protection to the jaw and lower teeth.

SafeJawz Popular Design Custom Fit Mouthguard

Custom-fit mouthguards are extremely beneficial for athletes and the person involved in physical activities. A dental impression kit will be sent to the user once the order has been placed.

Ortho Series Self-fit Mouthguards

SafeJawz braces mouthguard has an advanced orthodontic gum shield for complete protection. Gum shields can be uncomfortable, especially when worn with braces. This mouthguard has fluid fit technology and feels comfortable and unobstructed when worn.

Replacement Dental Impression Kit

SafeJawz provides spare putty and tray components if the self-impression kit has some errors. This product is only available if the customer has already ordered the custom fit kit and needs a replacement kit.

Pricing at SafeJawz

SafeJawz provides a huge variety of mouthguards at affordable and discounted prices. A replacement dental impression kit is available for just $9.67. SafeJawz extra series self-fit mouthguards are at $16.60. SafeJawz intro series multi-color mouthguards are at just $8.98.

SafeJawz ortho series self-fit mouthguards for braces are available at $27.67. SafeJawz popular design custom-fit safeguards for the mouth are available at just $69.19. SafeJawz mouthguard disinfectant spray of mint flavor is $9.67.


SafeJawz is an online platform that provides a huge variety of mouthguards for sports and other physical activities. It has a wide collection of various mouth protectors available with different designs and colors. This store offers customization options for athletes, which helps them completely fit and secure mouth protection. All the products at SafeJawz are made from fine-quality materials.

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