Rocketbook Review | Fully Recyclable Smart and Cloud Notebook

Smart notebooks are one of the most used technologies for the collection of data and giving presentations. Rocketbook is the online platform for smart and cloud notebooks with advanced features and the latest technology. It is one of the reliable platforms for learning virtually without several hurdles.

Rocketbook provides affordable and reusable smart notebooks and bundles for college semesters, meetings, and many more. The spiral cover and pages are completely recyclable and easy to use.

Why choose Rocketbook?

If you think why to choose Rocketbook over other smart notebook service providers, one of the major reasons is that it can be reusable for a long time. Once the pages are full, you will be able to erase them, and the brand new slate will be available to work on. It can be erased by using water and a microfiber towel. The pen will also be provided with notebook packaging.

Products at Rocketbook

Rocketbook provides a huge variety of smart notebooks and bundles for easy writing and understanding

Rocketbook Orbit Kit

The Rocketbook orbit is a pen and paper legal pad that is reusable, modular, cloud-connected, erasable, magnetic, and many more. This orbit kit is fully customizable as per the requirements of the user.

Rocketbook Core

The Rocketbook Core is the notebook that provides a classic pen and paper experience with an endlessly reusable core with all cloud devices connectivity. This Rocketbook erasable notebook can be cleaned with moistened cloth.

Rocketbook Fusion

It is completely designed for class, office, and personal use. Rocketbook Fusion is a reusable pen and paper notebook with seven different page templates connecting to various cloud services. It has 42 futuristic pages packed with calendars, to-do lists, and notetaking layouts.

Rocketbook Flip

Rocketbook Flip is designed for both lefties and righties. Each page of the notebook is equipped with lines on the front and a dot-grid on the back. The flip is a reusable pen and paper notebook with synthetic paper.

Pricing at Rocketbook

Rocketbook provides a huge variety of smart notebooks and bundles at affordable and discounted prices. The Rocketbook orbit kit is available for $40, and Rocketbook Core is from $32. Rocketbook Fusion and Panda planner is available for $35. Rocketbook Matrix is at just $34, and Rockebook Mini is at $16.


Rocketbook is the one-stop solution for complete smart notebooks and cloud notebooks. It has highly customizable and advanced smart notebooks which can be reusable. All the smart notebooks are highly organized and made with the latest technology. The cloud application is compatible with both Android and Ios devices.

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