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When we talk of spending leisure time, so many creative activities tend to cross our minds: Neoballs, a set of micro magnets, help enrich our skills.

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The product has built its popularity with more and more people applying their creative skills with interests. It stimulates the brain to give the best.

How is Neoballs different?

Apart from many other games and activities, Neoballs is a different concept. It helps to put your thought process to create a design as per the imagination. Some features make it different from other games:

Superior Quality

The Neoballs are high-quality magnets that are safe and are coated with quality color coating. These 5mm magnets help to bring out intellectual and inventive minds to form designs.

Ignites Creativity

The concept of Neoballs has gained huge popularity during Covid. More and more people have enjoyed using it, and it has also been popular for gifting. The challenge of making creative designs using Neoballs had spiked the imagination and talent, motivating users to succeed. One of their most important aspects has been in helping to deal with autism in a better manner.


Neoballs is an amazing set of magnets of multiple colors with different thicknesses. The product comes in bright shades like red, blue, green, and yellow. However, with gold and silver too as its added shades, it does not limit itself. The sets of these magnets are used to create various shapes.

Products at Neoballs

The products creating a rage have been micromagnets, speaks, and Zen markets, amongst many more.

Micromagnets come with a beautiful texture. They are also 2.5 mm in thickness, but their quality standards have left it as an unmatched product. They are helpful for research and training purposes.

Speaks bring together the combination of a buckyball with micromagnets. They are available in purple, blue, rose gold, red, silver, and many more. With a thickness of 2.5mm, they are in massive demand.

Zen Magnets are the highest quality magnets that are very durable. With a smooth coating, they are long and perfect. With a 5mm thickness, they are the most preferred magnets for spending quality time.


Neoballs has extremely affordable sets of magnets. The range starts from $3 and goes right up to $300. There are discounts that the brand organizes on the products, and the discounted products will reflect on the website.


The Neoballs are magnets that are fun to play with. It has proved to be a great tool for relaxation and keeping the mind calm and attentive. The magnets are incredibly interesting with the entertainment aspect that they fulfill, and people have played with them for hours. By suiting all age groups, they are the new craze!

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