Lumma Review | Best Reusable Silicone Menstrual Discs And Cups

For the last few years, people have been aware of menstrual cups and discs. Previously, not many people wanted to talk about periods and the discount a girl/women go through. After years, the chain has finally broken, and many people are coming out and talking about the amazing period, which is heart-touching. With the same aim and more people aware about periods, Lumma has come into the market with significant and most comfortable products.

Lumma is a brand that started with a story of women and going pretty strong. It offers high standard girl/women products such as menstrual discs and cups. Its products are essential for females who are on menstruation. Besides, its products are capable of bringing more flexibility and comforts for sure. Hence, Lumma can be your all-time place.

Why Choose Lumma?

Lumma is a brand created only to help girls/women out there ease menstruation with no complication. This brand ensures the finest menstrual disc with a unique design, soft texture, round rim, perfect fitting, and flexibility. Apart from all these features, you also get durability, which is tough to find these days. Therefore, this brand is specially made for women by considering comfort and ease.

Besides, there are crucial features that need to be discussed to better frame menstrual cups and discs. Similarly, its discs are playing the most important in period sex. Therefore, this brand is worth trying. Moreover, it has some of the additional features that you should know. So, check out the quality and before getting menstrual cups and discs for you.

Features of Lumma

Lumma brings many features to the customers. Its features are perfect fitting, comfortable & easy, sustainable & safe, great durability, excellent flexibility, period sex, and many more. All these features bring a new set of comfort that can give you relaxation while on menstruation.

Long-last Cups & Disc

Lumma has two different products, one is menstruation cups, and the second is menstruation discs. Its disc and cups are top-notch and come with great durability. Its products are high-class and can be used for three years. Buying menstruation products from Lumma can give more options and features, which most brands cannot do.

Perfect Fitting

Lumma meditation products are excellent and bring you more advantages to challenge different situations. Its products are available in 10 different sizes, and you can pick them as per your need. The whole princess of offering 10 different sizes is that because periods are something very different. And, every individual and their periods are different in a way to get what they want. This brand is supplying various sizes.

Sustainable & Safe

Lumma has the best section of menstruation products. And, the good news is that its products are FDA-registered, healthy, and safe for users.

Period Sex

Yes, you heard it right. Lumma has the highest quality menstruation disc, which can help you to get intimate while on menstruation. Using a disc is comfortable, and there is no worry about it as you wear it anytime. Even while having sex, your partner will never know that you are using the disc, which makes the disc extraordinary. So, try the menstruation disc only on Lumma.


Lumma is an exceptional brand that has many advantages to offer to every girl and woman out there going through tough days of menstruation. This brand makes sure to give comfort and no worries in pain, fluid absorption, and more. That is why this brand is worth trying.

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