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If you are a couple who has been in long-distance relationships for a while, today we will introduce some of the most innovative Bluetooth sex toys that excite your needs. After gone through many things on the internet, finally, we found one which we all want-to. We are talking about Lovense products. In a short period, our team members have figured out what’s unique about this and decided to write a complete Lovense Review.

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Lovense is a company that is stared more than a decade ago in 2009. The founder of this company knows how long-distance relationships impact our lifestyle and relationship. It is a company that has featured in Wired, Mashable, BuzzFeed, HuffPost, including Rollingstone.

Why Lovense Hits the Top Spot Among Other Sex Tech in Industry?

Lovense Review

Have you heard about “teledildonics? ” If you’re into sex toys then, definitely you might be. It is a term that defined as a sex toy with computer chips that can be controlled through the internet for masturbation via remote. Every company has designed its software that allows users to take complete control of their sex toys. Through a Bluetooth connection or via the application, individuals can effortlessly connect and enjoy their experiences.

What are the Features of Bluetooth Sex Toys?

Bluetooth sex toys functionality depends upon the type of programming language used in those toys
You can spot level controls for altering vibrations with the aid of slider bar
Do you know? Some of the applications allow individuals to upload their program patterns
The advanced toys work upon your voice control and commands
One of the epic features is people can sync gadgets according to their music playlist
Get the power of tactile reactions which are capable of shifting one kind of movements to another toy
User can use chart tools at any time with or without using the toy
Supports video connections where you both can see each other

Long Distance Interactivity

Lovense toys are the best interactive sex toy that allows couples to have long-distance sex. When you get to move, automatically, your distance partner reacts. All the toys are inbuilt with most advanced sensors. The Lovense is a secure platform where all your video chart is encrypted end-to-end, and it goes directly to your partner’s device. Through their application, one can connect toys. We have described even about the different levels of vibrations in this whole Lovense Review.

User can connect their sex toy to an internet-connected device
You can message or call to your loving partner
Start your dual game by teasing each other in the video chatting

Can You Customize the vibrations Levels?

Lovense toys are programmable toys where individuals can be easily able to customize all sorts of vibrations. It app allows you to choose the power level according to your body need. You can select different levels of vibrations levels as low, medium, and high. They can even save up to 10 different patterns. Lovense has designed an app that is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows PC.

Products of Lovense

Nora Bluetooth Remote Control Rabbit Vibrator
Max 2 High Tech Male Masturbator
Lush 2 RemoteSet
Hush Remote Butt Set
Ambi Programmable Set
Edge Adjustable Prostate Massager
Domi 2 Bluetooth Mini Wand
Osci 2 Oscillating G-spot Vibrator

Pricing of Lovense Sex Toys

Lovense sex toys vary from one-to -another. For Domi 2 Bluetooth mini wand, Osci 2. Lush 2, and Max 2 male masturbator, you have to pay $109 for each. The Nora long-distance set cost $210, $108 for Hush Bluetooth butt plug, $109 for Edge adjustable prostate massager, and $395 for Ultimate ladies set. Additionally, users can even buy charging cables by paying $10.

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