Litter-Robot Review | A Hi-Tech Self-Cleaning Litter Box

In today’s world, everything has been changing drastically. From day-to-day, a new range of products and devices were emerging. Firstly, they aim to provide the best products where people can get access so quickly. So, if you’ve got a cat owner or a pet lover, then this information surely helps you. One of the major problems most of the pet lovers were facing is regarding cleaning the cat’s litter. After doing a lot of research work, we have bought you the Litter-Robot Review, where it solves all problems which all we’ve facing.

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Just think about this, every time who’s wants to be a scooper for your pet. That’s why we have introduced the Litter-Robot. It is an incredible self-cleaning litter box that leaves a clean bed for your cat every time. However, this company is also offering a 90-day money-back guarantee. Their mission is to make stop scooping. In case if your cat is not satisfied for any reason. Just send back, and you will get a complete refund on the purchase.

What’s the Working Principle Behind Litter-Robot?

The litter robot system mainly uses various combinations of time, rotation, and gravity. It is a system which automatically separates the cat’s waste right from the clean litter. After your cat exits, a litter-robot timer starts ticking down. Later, the litter clump before each cleaning cycle begins. 

Litter-Robot Review

  1. Just follow the preset 3-7-15 minute, and the globe slowly rotates
  2. Sifting separates clumps from clean litter
  3. All clumps deposited into a carbon filtered drawer
  4. The globe returns to normal position and ready for the next use
  5. Finally, you can empty the waste drawer when an indicator indicates a signal

Designing of Litter-Robot

It comes with a modular design where the individuals can keep occasional cleaning and accessible to reassembly. All the cats can quickly enter into the chamber by doing their business. The litter robot box equipped with the largest-capacity waste drawer. So cat owner’s usually empty the drawer once a week. A Litter-robot sensor detects when your cat enters and exits the unit.

Features of Litter-Robot

  • Self -Cleaning
  • Odor Control
  • Clean Paws
  • Notifies when the waste drawer is full
  • Multiple Cats
  • Efficiency
  • Litter-Robot is WiFi-Enabled
  • Saves time and money
  • Automatic Night Light
  • 8-hour sleep mode stops the unit form cycling
  • Adjustable Cycle Timer

Pricing of Litter-Robot Bundles

At Litter-Robot, you can find four different types of bundles. You can even connect to the app, which allows individuals to remotely monitor and control units so that one can easily know the with drawer levels by getting real-time status updates. For bundle 1, you have to pay $648.99, $690.99 for package 2, $867.99 for box 3, and $897.99 for bundle4. All these bundles come with extended warranty and support.

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