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Are you looking for any highly professional piano trainers to enhance your skills? Your search will end here with Hear and Play. One of the highly qualified and experienced music trainers with world-class instructions. Hear and Play is the one-stop solution for complete piano and other musical instruments training lessons.

Playing the piano by using lessons and sheet music has been an old trend. Hear and Play provides online access to complete music training. It has highly experienced music instructors for every type of music. The classes are very beneficial for both beginners as well as the advanced.

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Why choose Hear and Play?

If you are wondering why to choose to Hear and Play over others, one of the main reasons is that it has many digital courses available for every type of music. It provides both audio and video courses for the benefit of learners. All the music lessons are made from the highest quality video and audio graphics. The Listen and play feature allows learners to involve themselves in the learning process very quickly.

Products at Hear and Play

Gospel Music Training Center

Gospel music training center has a huge collection of gospel songs with audio training sessions and video lessons. All the songs in the gospel music center have a Hear and Play gmtc lesson database. It has more than 1100 music videos with an average speed of 25-40 minutes in length.

Jazz Intensive Training Center

Hear and Play provides a step-by-step jazz training program organized by weekly classes. It has a 12-month program with bonus Hanon exercises for detailed understanding.

Back Pocket Band Software

Back pocket band software is ideal for learning a music learning platform that easily transforms shouting beats into silent grooves. The bass player and drummer help the user to change the practicing session into full sound jam sessions.

Ear Tutor Software

Ear tutor software is a complete guide made for all ear-training musical classes. It is one of the best hear and play ear training solutions with more than 775 exercises. This version of ear tutor software is fully compatible with Mac and PC.

Hear and Play Advanced Guitar 301 Video Training Course

Advanced guitar 301 is a digital course that covers four genres of music. It is one of the best hear and play guitar courses with multiple professional training tutors. The collection of sounds in the course are for complete listening and understanding.

Pricing at Hear and Play

Hear and Play provides all the softwares and online training classes at affordable prices. Jazz & salsa and hear and play gospel keys advanced digital download collection at $65. Back pocket band software, Ear tutor software, and Instant transposer software at $37. Gospel music training center at $37 and Jazz intensive training center at $25. Music theory digital download collection at $65.


Hear, and Play is the online music learning platform that provides online lessons, newsletters, videos, and training programs. It has highly professional trainers with practical and easy-to-understand principles and techniques for playing any song. All the music classes are planned promptly for easy understanding of learners.

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