Ehypnosis Review – Platform With Multiple Solutions For Mental Health

People are always busy and running hard to survive in the advanced world. In the process of working hard and surviving, people forget to take care of their health, as we all think physical health is the only health that should be taken care of. But mental health is another important thing in human life.

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Keeping mental health balanced is keeping yourself away from stress, anxiety, pains, undesired behavior, and much more. To maintain a proper and healthy mental process, Ehypnosis can help people. It is an online platform that offers various podcasts to help you avoid mental illness.

How is Ehypnosis different from other platforms?

Ehypnosis is not just an online platform that offers podcasts; it is a therapy that helps listeners to overcome their mental problems and issues. There are multiple kinds of solutions for mental health imbalances and problems. Ehypnosis is one kind of treatment for problem facers. The platform has categorized mental health issues and offered the finest and best-suited solutions for the problems.


The categories are Health & Wellbeing Hypnosis, Personal Development Hypnosis, Mental Skills Hypnosis, Love & Relationships Hypnosis, Mindset Hypnosis, Success Hypnosis, Phobias Hypnosis, and Emotional Health Hypnosis. All these contain different podcasts that help you keep yourself calm and away from any kind of distractions.

The categories mentioned above contain podcasts that help users gain confidence, overcome anxiety & stress, quit unwanted bad habits, manage anger, fight various phobias, and more. The listeners can bring change into their lives and move forward with ultimate belief in them.

Services & Pricing Of The Ehypnosis

There are seven categories on the platform, all of which contain different podcasts for mental issues. The platform offers these podcasts in different time durations, starting from 30 mins. Every podcast has similar pricing and similar services. There are three same plans for every podcast. They are Standard, Advanced, and Complete. The pricing of the plans is $16.95, $21.95, and $26.95, respectively.


Mental illness is one of the rapidly growing problems all over the world. Ehypnosis is therapy available online to overcome mental illness and problems. It has divided the podcasts into different categories, which helps listeners to find the perfect podcast for themselves. It is a paid service for the listeners and offers users three plans. Each plan contains a certain time duration of the podcast. It can help people overcome mental problems they have been facing for a long or short time.

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