CoolWallet Review – Bluetooth Hardware Wallet Compatible With Bitcoins, Etherium, Litecoin, and More

CoolWallet helps build secure and user-friendly blockchain solutions, and they offer credit card-sized hardware wallets that support various tokens, including Bitcoin, XRP, ERC20, and more. This company is determined to create a wallet that is not only secure but also very portable and user-friendly.

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They have built hardware wallets with the same technology that smart displayers have, and they introduced a wafer-thin credit card-sized cold wallet that is highly secure, durable, and convenient. They have provided a convenient and secure way to invest in digital assets without the risk of supply chain and cyber attacks, as the data is secured and decentralized. It offers great customer support, and the prices of the wallets are also affordable.

Why Should You Choose Coolwallet?

CoolWallet offers the security of cold storage with the convenience of a hot wallet and offers multiple layers of security. The CoolBitX Crypto app is free, where you can trade and even purchase crypto with the cool wallet. You can count on CoolWallet as it is incredibly portable, durable, and constantly updated. The CoolWallet is customizable, and they offer amazing support and help you with all your queries.


Products Offered By Coolwallet

The Original CoolWallet Series – CoolWallet offers hardware wallets like CoolWallet Pro, S, Duo Plus, and CoolWallet S Duo. CoolWalletPro comes for $149 and is the most convenient Bluetooth hardware wallet with great mobility, and you can transact easily from secure cold storage. The CoolWallet S comes for $99, supports multiple cryptocurrencies, and offers great portability and security. Then the CoolWallet Duo Plus comes for $245 and is portable, bendable, water-resistant, and tamper-proof for extra durability. It also offers CoolWallet S Duo, which comes for $178 and is the thinnest and most stylish cold wallet, which is portable and durable.

CoolWallet Accessories – CoolWallet offers accessories like CoolWallet BillFoldi, a fire and water-resistant steel wallet that protects your recovery seed from environmental hazards and is offered for $129. The CoolWallet Charger Set comes for $20, and you can charge your CoolWallet with a USB A adapter. CoolWallet CardHolder is available for $13 and allows you to carry up to 7 cards along with CoolWallet and provides complete safety and style.

Co-Branded Cards – CoolWallet offers cards like x CoolWallet Pro, which is available for $149. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies that are constantly updated and also supports NFT on the open sea. It also offers CoolWalletS x MyEtherWallet 2021 Edition for $99 and simple and direct marketplace trading features where you can enjoy DeFi and Dapp platforms via wallet connect.


CoolWallet offers hardware wallets and stores private keys to secure the holding of several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. They also hold your coins in cold storage to save from hackers and can be managed through Bluetooth connection through native Android or iOS apps, and are compatible with smartphones and tablets. A cool wallet is a perfect choice for those who want to manage their crypto on the go.

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