Cobo Vault Review | Offers A Highly Secure Wallet For Crypto Investors

It’s highly important to keep every detail of cryptocurrencies secure and hack-proof. For this, there’s a great demand for a mobile cryptocurrency wallet that works offline on any device. One of the leading companies that have made it easy for people to make use of crypto currency on all sorts of iOS & Android is Cobo. It provides you a highly innovative range of mobile wallets so that you grow digital assets without making any effort. Here’s the Cobo Vault review with which you can get a walkthrough of all the products, features, and pricing discreetly.


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Why choose Cobo Vault?

Cobo Vault provides an amazing mobile wallet that stores the public or private keys for cryptocurrency transactions. It is specially designed to help the investors of cryptocurrency to increase the investments that too in their terms. Because of its ease of application and user-friendly designs, this mobile wallet is considered useful for beginners who’ve got into the crypto space. Understanding the entire crypto market can be confusing for new users. All its products come with an essential feature for beginners.


Another important feature that makes it unique from other brands is that you’ll get support for more than 700 tokens and thirty different coins. Apart from this, its innovative products are featured with an integrated DApp store which makes Cobo a one-stop-shop for everything needed for crypto currency. 

With Cobo, you don’t have to compromise your security and lost coins. The ability to manage your digital assets has increased the demand for Cobo wallets and other products.

Products at Cobo

Cobo is a reckoned and trusted brand that offers a secure mobile wallet and custodial services for investors. Let’s have a look at the products that are available with Cobo.

Cobo Wallet: It has a mobile app that is used by millions of users. It’s like one app for all every crypto needs. This wallet is featured with login and payment Passcodes to make it hack-proof. Another important feature is the security that lets you maintain complete privacy.

Cobo custody: This is another comprehensive solution of Cobo that ensures safe-keeping of the digital assets. Apart from this, you’ll also be able to make the efficient transfer to make your digital asset grow with ease. Using this Wallet, it becomes easy for users to view all their crypto details and digital assets at one glance. Also, it is featured with 24/7 emergency alerts and various security systems.

Cobo Vault: This is one of the best hardware wallets that come with open-source secure element firmware. With the help of this, you’ll get multiple features including a detachable battery, MicroSD card, multi-signature support, fingerprint authentication, touchscreen, and many more. However, it comes with 3 models each of which has different features and specifications.


Cobo Vault has 3 different models that offer an amazing hardware wallet experience. Depending on the specifications and features, each model of Cobo Vault is different and reasonably priced. Cobo Vault Essential can be bought at $ 119 and Cobo Vault Pro at $ 169. The price of Cobo Vault Ultimate is $ 479 that comes with all the required features of crypto currency. 


Cobo is a trusted name of mobile wallet that lets people or investors secure and grow their crypto or other digital assets. Each of its products has numerous features of security that make people make use of it.

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