Blinkist Review – Enjoy Reading Nonfiction Books Either In Text Or Audio

We love to read books and news. To know what is happening in the world, you need a medium to get specific information. But do we have enough time to read the whole newspaper? Already with a hectic life schedule, it is not easy to read the entire paper. At times like this, we look for digital content, so that we can scroll and skim the titles. You may still end up reading the whole news which might take time.  

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Also, when we read a novel or book, it would take days to complete. Now it is not easy for you to learn more books or go to a library and spend hours reading. No matter you’re a student or a working fellow, you would always look for the short and uncomplicated summary that gives you a brief idea.

But how do we get to get to read in the short and outspoken way?

An essential part of any article is to understand what it says. For that, an essay could be a big one where all the details will be available, while on the other hand, you get a summary of every article.

Yes, Blinkist is here to help you in providing more information. The app comes with more than 2000 notification book summaries. You can read them in just 15 minutes. Isn’t it amazing? All the essential news and best book summaries read in 15 minutes.

Why Blinkist?

When you have all the information in just a click of hand, why not Blinkist? It is not only about getting the information quickly but also the time you’re getting to save while using the app. You don’t have to turn the page and look here and there to read the news. Just open the app and get the top stories and news.

If you’re looking forward to reading a book but finding it hard to spend time, look for Blinkist. It will help you in providing summaries for your best writing. The app is designed to provide general and in-depth information in different and various categories.



Let us look at the feature Blinkist provides

  • You can read all the top and popular news in just 15 minutes.
  • The app will help you with 3000 titles which will help you to explore. Also, 40 new titles have been added every month.
  • With more than nine million users, Blinkist proved to be on the top in dealing with little and best information.

You can have the application on the smartphone. It can also be used on a computer using their web app. You can easily download them from Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon.

Pricing and Plans

Blinkist has two different plans for its users. You can either choose the Premium Yearly plans or Premium Monthly plans. Premium yearly charges will be $6.67/monthly, while the Premium Monthly will be around $12.99 monthly. Also, look for free-trial where you get an idea about the services Blinkist provides. You can sign up for the app using your Gmail or Facebook account.

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