6 Best Reasons To Choose AMP For WP

Looking for a technology that makes your browser’s speed faster and easier and which meets your expectations. Here we are presenting you with the best site named AMP, which is the perfect solution to these problems. Do many people have questions regarding AMP, like why they can choose AMP? Reasons to choose AMP for WP etc. So, here we are showing you some reasons why AMP is suitable for you. AMP is perfectly suitable for all WordPress sites.

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Reasons to choose Amp for WP


  1. Powerful Setting Panel:– In AMP, you can easily control every area of the site. You will have features like color schemes, easy to use, etc., which give the best experience. 
  2. Quick Load Time:- AMP is mainly structured for making speed and time quicker. The main aim of making AMP is that mobile users get results faster in any browser. It includes the facility of assets independent layout, size bound CSS, font optimization, and many more for better results and satisfaction.
  3. Lower Rebound Rate:- As per the AMP studies, the bounce rate for three seconds is 30%, for five-second bounce rate increases to 90%, which means mobile pages is the key that helps them in staying and leading the competition.
  4. Extreme performance and flexibility:- AMP also plays the role of flexibility and a framework that allows access to a streamlined stylesheet. The quality of best speed helps the mobile users get there immediately, effectively, and efficiently.
  5. SEO Optimization:- Along with performance and speed, AMP works on the traffic drive for websites, and for that, they properly worked on their search engine function. They worked on SEO framework integration, Yoast SEO integration, SmartCrawl integration, etc. 
  6. AMP Page Builder:- It helps you in making difficult layouts without even touching the codes. They provide modules like Accordion, Advertisement, Gallery, Icons, and many more, which are easily available on the website.


AMP nowadays leads the top position in WordPress, which gives you great satisfaction and experience. It contains many plans regarding the membership, and you can also customize this plan according to your need, choice, and budget. This site helps you in saving your time and gives your content, posts on time.

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