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Personalized jewelry is one of the emerging fashion trends among women. If you are looking for an online platform for completely personalized jewelry, all you need to know is Yafeini, a high-quality jewelry provider with fully personalized content. It has a huge variety of latest and trendy designer jewelry.

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Yafeini provides a huge variety of personalized jewelry and accessories at reasonable prices. It has a wide collection of personalized rings, bracelets, and necklaces perfectly suitable for all sizes. This store offers gifts and engraved messages services to present an attractive gift for loved ones. More details about the quality and the type of jewelry will be available in this article.

Why choose Yafeini?

If you think why to choose Yafeini over other personalized jewelry and accessories providers, then one of the reasons is that Yafeini has a huge collection of designer and attractive pattern necklaces and bracelets available. All the products at Yafeini are made from high-quality materials for durability and ultra-shine for a long-time. It has various types of necklaces for different occasions.

Products at Yafeini

Yafeini offers a huge variety of personalized jewelry and accessories for complete fashion style

Yafeini Custom Name Necklace

This Yafeini bar necklace is made from copper 925 sterling silver, yellow-white rose. The length of the chain can be adjusted, and it comes in a high-quality delicate jewelry box for perfect presents to loved ones.

Carrie – Copper Personalized Name Bracelet

Carrie’s copper personalized name bracelet comes in three colors: white gold plated, yellow gold plated, and rose gold plated. It is made from sterling silver, and anyone’s name can be easily engraved on it for a perfect gift.

Personalized Double Name Ring

Sterling silver personalized double name ring by Yafeini is designed for writing two names in one ring. It is ideal for gifting on valentines, anniversaries, and many other romantic occasions. For additional attraction, it is packed in a delicate jewelry box.

Pricing at Yafeini

Yafeini offers a huge variety of personalized jewelry and accessories at affordable and discounted prices. Sterling silver personalized double name ring is available at the discounted price of $33.90. Yafeini custom name necklace personalized jewelry’s original price was $49, and the discounted price is $36.90.

Yafeini custom photo text necklace and Sterling silver personalized script name hoop earrings are available at the discounted price of $29.90. Emma copper silver sterling adjustable personalized name anklet is at $29.90. A personalized, adjustable, engraved vertical bar necklace is available for just $36.90.


Yafeini is an online store that offers a huge selection of the latest and trendy jewelry designs with full personalization options. The names can be easily engraved on all the jewelry items for a perfect gift for a loved one. All the jewelry products are made from premium quality materials like copper and silver sterling. This store offers personalized products in various metal colors for more attraction.

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