Vealove – Certified Sex Dolls To Enhance Sexual Pleasure In Daily Life

Humans contain various types of desires, and sexual desire is one of them. Sex might be one of the most desired thoughts worldwide. Having strong sexual desires is not wrong in the point of Vealove. Vealove is an online platform that offers premium quality sex dolls that look just like real people. The experienced experts crafts the dolls to give realistic looks and experience to the users. The platform pays huge attention to the quality of products they offer users.

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The platform helps users to find their private partner to enjoy their private moments. The brand’s factory is spread over 20,000 square, serves over 50 countries, and is still expanding its business.

What Makes Users Choose Vealove Over Other Brands?

The platform never fails to maintain the quality of products. The sex dolls created by the brand give users realistic shapes, a smooth touch feeling, and extreme durability. It has 300 dedicated employees, including professional sculptors, designers, and 30 technicians.


The platform is specialized in producing and selling medical silicone TPE sex dolls. Users can satisfy their sexual desires, pleasure, and more by using the sex dolls of the Vealove. It reduces the stress and pressure from daily life and enhances sexual pleasure in daily life.

Products & Prices Of Vealove Sex Dolls

Small Sex Dolls

The pricing of the dolls in this category ranges from $1599 to $1799. All the sex dolls provide realistic sex feelings to the users while using them. These small sex dolls are 125cm or 4.1 ft in height. Along with the doll, users can get the accessories like a blanket, handling gloves, a cleaning pot, one wig, a comb, and a random free outfit.

130cm To 148cm Sex Dolls

The pricing of these products ranges from $1888 to $1900. These products are also the same as the small sex doll. They look like a real person in front and offer smooth touch as it is made of medical silicone TPE. Users can choose the hairstyle, nail colors, and more of the dolls.

150cm – 163cm Sex Dolls

The pricing of these sex dolls ranges from $2000 to $2100. The platform has divided dolls based on their height and looks. Adult dolls are priced high than smaller dolls. Users can choose the color of their skin, nails, standup hairstyle, and more. The pricing and features of 165cm To 171cm Sex Dolls are similar to the 150cm to 163cm dolls. There are some other categories, like hottest dolls and more which are quite similar to these categories of platforms.

Offers & Deals

On every sex doll, users can get a 50% discount. The platform offers discounts to make every user get the products at an affordable range. Along with this, the platform also offers free shipping and returns on all product purchases.

Privacy & Security

Privacy and security of the user’s data is the most important aspect of the platform. All the data is encrypted, and the shipping of the product is done in a discreet manner.


Vealove is an online store that offers ultimate quality sex dolls for the best intimacy and pleasure. The products are made using medical-grade silicone TPE, which gives users a realistic feeling and smooth touch. The pricing of the products is affordable, and users can also avail of discounts on the products. Product shipping is free, and all the details are kept secret for users’ privacy.

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