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Reliable and authentic chemical stores are very crucial in the purchase and dealing of chemical-based products. Umbrella labs is an online platform that provides high-quality and tested chemical products. It has an exclusive collection of expansive SARM and peptide catalogues with proprietary products and advanced delivery systems.

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Umbrella Labs is an online store that provides a huge variety of reliable chemical products and peptides. It also has a wide collection of selective androgen receptor modulators. All the products are quality tested and verified by the third-party laboratories and credentialed by NCCCCE. More details about the chemicals and their pricing will be available in this article.

Why choose Umbrella Labs?

Products at Umbrella Labs are verified and certified by the National Certification Commission in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; it is one of the main reasons every customer can rely on these products. Umbrella Labs has strict manufacturing protocols to ensure the maximum purity and safety of all products. It uses industry-leading high-performance liquid and gas chromatography in manufacturing.

Products at Umbrella Labs

Umbrella Labs offers a wide range of chemical products, SARMs and peptides

MK- 2866 Ostarine Sarm

Ostarine sarm is sold for laboratory research only and has not been evaluated by the FDA. Umbrella Labs ostarine is not for human consumption nor any medical, veterinary, or household uses. It is recommended to see the terms and conditions completely before ordering.

GW- 501516 Cardarine 30 ml bottle

Umbrella Labs cardarine is a product used for research purposes like vitro diagnostics, drugs, medical devices, cosmetics for humans and animals, or other purposes. This product should not be used for recreational or human consumption purposes.

S-4 Andarine Sarm

Umbrella Labs offers the purest research-grade sarm chemicals, and S-4 Andarine is offered 50 mg and comes in a 30 ml glass dropper with a marked dropper for accuracy. This formula is completely made for educational and research purposes only.

SR – 9009 Stenabolic

Stenabolic SARMs is the pure and strongest chemical used for educational purposes. To research animals using this product, the researchers must follow the guidelines of the Animal Welfare Act.

Pricing at Umbrella Labs

Umbrella Labs offers a huge variety of SARMs and peptides at affordable and discounted prices. The price of the Testolone sarm and Ostarine sarm ranges from $69.99-$153.99. BPC – 157 5 mg vial peptide is available at just $47.99. RAD 150 sarm 30 ml bottle is available at $87.99.

Ibutamoren nutrobal 30 ml bottle price ranges from $69.99 – $139.98. SR – 9009 stenabolic is available from $69.99 – $76.99. Poly-cell sarm 30 ml bottle is available at just $87.99. Cardarine powder and Inutamoren nutrobal powder is at just $69.99. OTR-AC sarm powder and RAD 150 sarm powder is available at $87.99.


Umbrella Labs is an online platform that provides a huge variety of chemical products for research and education purposes. It has a wide collection of purest research-grade SARM products and peptides. All the products are certified and approved by NCCCCE and use the best quality material for maximum purity.

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