ThirstyAffiliates Review – WordPress Affiliate Link Management Plugin for Affiliate Marketers

ThirstyAffiliates allows website owners to add, manage and easily insert affiliate links into their posts and pages. It provides features like URL Cloaking, and it helps convert lengthy affiliate links to pretty links that are easy to remember, and you can add these URLs anywhere on your site. They use built-in WordPress technologies like custom post types and taxonomies, making for an easier user interface with your website.

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With the built-in WordPress features, you can import or export your links, and with premium add-ons, you can see stats, integrate google analytics, click tracking, Auto linker, and more. You can also experience exceptional customer support, and the prices are also reasonable.

Why Should You Choose Thirstyaffiliates?

ThirstyAffiliates gives you full control over the functionality of the affiliate links on your site, and it offers Affiliate links, Link Branding, Link Tracking, and Marketing Plugins. It gives bloggers the tools they need to control their WordPress website with affiliate marketing.

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You can choose ThirstyAffiliates as it offers Branded URLs, easily insert links, Easier Link Management service, Auto Linking Keywords, Link Categories, and more. Some great features it offers are Advanced Statistics reports, Geolocations, Google Click Events, CSV import/export, and more.

Plans And Pricing Offered By Thirstyaffiliates

Advanced, Plus, and Basic Plans – The Advanced plan is best for empire builders, and it provides access to 10 sites, and the price is $399. The Plus Plan is preferable for multi-site owners, and the price is $259, and for the Basic plan, the price is $159 and is best for single-site owners. All the plans offer the same features, and some of the features are Amazon API Importing, Link Categorization, Link Scheduling, Automatic 404 checker, and Affiliate Link Picker Tool. It also provides Advanced Link Insertion types, Smart Uncloaking, No Follow and Open in New tab options, and more. They offer a 14-day refund guarantee scheme where you can return them if unsatisfied with their product.


ThirstyAffiliate is a free WordPress plugin that makes affiliate marketing easier and more resourceful and helps increase the reach of products and services tailored to customers’ needs. Using affiliate links on your site can help you earn better conversions and enhance the experience of the audience who visit your site.

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