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Beauty products play an important role in maintaining the lifestyle in women’s life. A proper and allergy-free cosmetic brand is essential to fulfilling the needs of makeup. The Beauty Crop is the online store for high-quality vegan cosmetics with various colors and advanced materials.

The Beauty Crop provides completely cruelty-free cosmetics with nutrition derived from natural ingredients. Natural plant-based components are used in manufacturing the products. All the products are mineral oil and paraben-free for easy and comfortable use of every customer.

Why choose The Beauty Crop?

Natural ingredients are one of the main reasons you should consider The Beauty Crop over other cosmetic products. This store provides completely vegan and cruelty-free products for complete customer satisfaction. It does not add unnecessary additives and contains natural oil and plant-based extracts for a completely natural look.

Products at The Beauty Crop

The Beauty Crop provides a huge collection of natural beauty products with completely natural and nonallergic additives for ultimate beauty.

Fabulous Flocking Lashes Mascara

The Beauty Crop fabulous flocking lashes are completely tip-coated and water-resistant for complete protection. These lashes tubes contain powerful natural ingredients for thicker and stronger growth. Argan oil, a powerful moisturizer that helps the lashes stay hydrated, is used.

Coco Gold Mist

The moisturizer helps in glowing and long-lasting freshness throughout the day. The Beauty Crop Coco Gold Mist envelopes skin in moisture and helps for a refreshing makeup look. It is a complete facial mist and alcohol-free and contains quick-absorbing hyaluronic acid.

Coconuts About You

The Beauty Crop coconuts about you are the mini coco collection vault set that contains a wide collection of coco products with completely cruelty-free and vegan ingredients. It has talc-free and highlighting face palette cosmetic products.

Avocado Eye Mask

Avocados are enriched with fatty acids and vitamin E. The Beauty Crop avocado eye mask contains green tea, which helps to depuff and hydrate the eye patches of the tired eyes. These eye masks are made from aloe vera water and plant cellulose suitable for any skin type and completely biodegradable.

Pricing at The Beauty Crop

The Beauty Crop provides extremely high-quality beauty products and accessories at affordable prices and discounts. The price of an avocado eye mask jar is $24, and fabulous flocking lashes mascara at $19.90. Smoothie stick lip crayon is available at $10.99 and glows milk dropper liquid highlighter at $14.99.

Coco rose mist is available at $14.99, and coconuts about your kit are available at the discount price of $44.99. Espresso, your love eyeshadow palette is at $21, and the stargazing eyeshadow palette is at $15.


The Beauty Crop is the one-stop solution for complete natural ingredients beauty products. It has a wide range of products available at discounted prices which are completely cruelty-free and vegan. All the products are made for the natural beauty look of the user. A large variety of shades and features are available at this store.

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