Tharos Review | Natural Feed Supplement for Horses and Pigeons

Premium quality supplements play an important role in the growth and development of animals. Horses require special dietary supplements to be completely fit for racing and other physical activities. Tharos is an online store that offers natural supplements for horses and pigeons of racing.

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Tharos provides a huge variety of natural feed supplements completely tested and verified by experts in veterinary fields. It is one of the highly reputed animal microbiome companies with patent-protected formulations. All the products are manufactured under high-quality and hygienic conditions. More details about the animal’s feeding supplements will be available in this article.

Why choose Tharos?

Tharos has cutting-edge microbiome research technology that helps the animals to improve their health condition and recover from racing. It has industry-leading expertise, which helps in research and checking the complete safety of the product. This store provides completely natural dietary supplements for recovery and daily boost of horses and pigeons.

Products at Tharos

Tharos provides a variety of natural feed supplements for racing horses and pigeons

AviNectar Race Recovery

AviNectar race recovery is the enzymes, electrolytes, and proteins to give complete aid from racing. It is one of the natural feed supplements that is scientifically proven to re-balance the pigeon’s gut bacteria.

AviNectar Daily Boost

AviNectar daily boost is the daily tonic of enzyme-rich malt extracts to provide proper digestive enzymes to pigeons. It is one of the ideal solutions for optimizing the digestion and performance of pigeons.


EquiNectar is a precision product designed to optimize horse digestion and performance. It is a natural feed supplement that helps to re-balance the gut bacteria of horses. This product helps to increase the condition of horses after racing.

Large Drum Pump

A large drum pump is a tool that helps to dispense the desired quantity of EquiNectar with two pumps. It is one of the ideal tools for feeding many horses in a yard at one time.

Pricing at Tharos

Tharos offers a variety of natural feed supplements for racing horses and pigeons at affordable and discounted prices. EquiNectar is available at just £45, and a large drum pump for a 25kg barrel is available at just £35. The standard kitchen pump is £5. AviNectar daily boost of 1000 ml is at £23.95, and AviNectar’s race recovery of 250 ml is available at just £13.95.


Tharos is an online platform for high-quality natural feed supplements of racing horses and pigeons. All the products are scientifically proven for the complete safety of the animals. It is one of the reliable animal microbiome companies with cutting-edge research and patent-protected formulations for healthy recovery. This store provides effective tools to feed various horses at one time without any hassles.

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