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Nowadays, most of the people are preferring e-bikes to travel from one place to another without polluting the cities. However, the people who are not aware of e-bike have no idea about features and quality. A lot of people are looking for high-quality e-bike, mostly price quality and not price. However, to get a good e-bike, you should have to look for quality and prices, which you can get in some brands. So, for those people who need both at a time can go for “Story Bikes” to get high-quality e-bike at a low price. Moreover, for better awareness, you can have a go at Story Bikes Review.

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It offers one of the premium quality e-bikes that makes traveling easy without polluting your beautiful city. It comes with multiple specifications like battery life, speed, great paddle assist, and many more.

Why Choose Story Bikes?

Story Bikes offers top tier products that can make people travel so easily from one place to another. It has several features that make this brand so unique in terms of quality, configuration, color quality, and prices. Its products are available in multiple colors so you can buy your favorite color.

Story Bikes Review

Therefore, this brand can be a way to resolve your traveling issues. When it comes to speed, Story Bikes e-bikes come with good speed and can cover up to 35-45 mile range. Its e-bikes are affordable and available at a very low range. Moreover, for further details about e-bike, you can take a sneak peek of Story Bikes Review.

Products at Story Bikes

Story Bikes has a wide collection of e-bikes such as Story Electric Step-Through Bike, Commuter Bike, and Road Bike. All these e-bikes come with several specifications such as aluminum frame, best motor, 20mph speed, 5 level crankset, Tires Kenda 700x35c, Battery 36v x 7.0 AH, and many more. Moreover, all products are available in different colors like white, red, matte black, and seafoam green.

What are the features of Story Bikes?

It comes with several features such as Micro Leather Seat, Cargo Rack, 7 Speed Shimano Cassette, Micro Leather Grips, Headlights, Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes, LCD Screen with USB Charger, Torque-Sensing Crank, Thickslick Tires, Simple Maintenance and Repair, 36v 7 AH Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery, 5 Level of Pedal Assist, and many more.

All these features are available only on Story Bikes at a low price. Its electric bikes are high-quality, properly designed, and very environment-friendly. Moreover, its e-bikes are very useful to go from one place to another without any pollution.

Story Bikes Pricing

Story Bikes offers multiple features of electronic bikes at a low price. It is not a well-known brand for the price but also known for the quality and features of electronic bikes that come at a fair price. The quality of every product is high class, and you can cover up to 45 miles at a single go. It is one of the bikes that come with both comfort and long battery life, which means you won’t come across any issue while going from one place to another. Moreover, these e-bikes can be yours just by paying a moderate amount.

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