Solis WiFi Review | Reliable and Cost-effective WiFi Connections for Travelers

People who love traveling to new locations often face impediments to connecting with their families and friends through reliable support. Connectivity is a major concern as ensuring a smooth connection everywhere; every time is a real problem in many locations.

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If you, too, are facing such hurdles of connectivity, Solis WiFi can help you restore data connectivity without much trouble and costs as well.

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Why is Solis WiFi famous?

Solis WiFi identified the need to provide a common pain point for travelers getting a secured, fast and dependable mobile internet connection anywhere, anytime. Incepted after thorough research, Solis WiFi delivers a secured connection facility across 130 countries worldwide via patented virtual SIM™ technology. The company delivers mobile data on-demand through multiple network partners for very affordable rates or charges.

Situated with its head office in San Francisco, the company extends its services through global distribution travel partners, eCommerce channels, and over 500 retail locations.

Products Available at Solis WiFi

The company offers private, secure, and portable WiFi connections in easy and affordable plans and types. Customers can choose anything from Solis Hotspots with patented vSIM technology to seamlessly connect to local mobile networks.

The company offers a range of wifi plans, including;

1. Solis Lite
2. Hotspot Bundle Offers
3. Travel Case

Choose the one that suits your needs at easy subscriptions.

Cost Effective Benefits at Solis WiFi

Here are the array of offers to get Solis WiFi products at the reasonable prices

1. Solis Lite + 10GB Global Pay-per-GB data at $219.99, originally priced $239.99
2. Solis Lit + 2 months of USA unlimited Subscription – $217.99, originally priced $237.99
3. Sign up for Solis WiFi exclusive offers, original stories, and more.

The Final Verdict

Solis WiFi is one of its kind as it satisfies the needs of travelers or others in easy subscription plans. It also allows you to on and off the connection as per requirements, without any hassle. Choosing the easy plans will help you save money as the company usually runs discounts and offers to avail the most profitable deals within a few clicks. So, why wait? Choose the one that suits your needs.

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