MadeOn Review | Healing Bars and Lotions For Cracked Skin Care Products

In your daily lives, often weather conditions, kitchen tasks, and dryness cause cracks and cuts on the skin.MADEON was the brainchild of Renee Harris, who first invented a lotion that surprisingly healed her scars, cracked heels, and cuts perfectly.

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The brand is popular today for its healing products.

What makes MADEON different

The lotions, bars from MADEON have the right ingredients to cure skin issues. Hence, word of mouth made it a much-wanted product. Some features make it different from other brands.

Multiple products

MADEON provides products for men, women, and children. While some products are designed for all, certain lotions and bars are for babies and children too. While the products are designed for sensitive skins for children, there are shaving ones targeted at men.

Long-Lasting Effects

The products by MADEON have a long-lasting effect. The band-aids used for cuts are often a temporary solution, and the amount takes its own time to heal. However, MADEON promises a quick relief as propagated by their customers through reviews on the product.

Helping Cure Skin Disease

This skin lotion and creams are different for the simple reason that they have benefitted people suffering from eczema and various other skin infections. The healing power of the products has helped in curing multiple skin issues, making it even more desired.

Products By MADEON

There are many products by MADEON that are capturing the market with their healing properties.

Lotion Bars Scented

Induced with dry skin fighting ingredients, these Lotion Bars are available seasonally. They contain essential oils as per specific seasons. They weigh almost 71 ounces and are available in fragrances like Lavender, Grapefruit, Chocolate, Vanilla, and many more.

Beesilk Pocket Balm

Beesilk is designed specifically for juniors. It helps to cure sensitive skin and has proved to be effective in curing Psoriasis and eczema. The products for children have minimum ingredients with mostly nourishing butter. And are often free of scent to avoid soft skin from detergents.

MADEON has a series of other products like soap, balms, and bars for various skin issues.

Pricing Of MADEON products

The pricing of the MADEON products is budget-friendly. The products are reasonably priced and range from a minimum of $10 to a maximum of $90. Some are economical as they are available in combos. However, considering the advantages they have, the pricing of the products is affordable. There is free shipping for orders over $45.


Hence, the MADEON products, the natural ingredients, and their perfect combination help cure skin issues. The cracked and bleeding heels, the deep cuts, and so much more are cured by these creatively designed products that have grown popular with people’s experience sharing and are still growing!

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