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Are you managing your business online with a website online? Are you a blog writer? You might be anyone with unique designations, but you may have any indirect reason with the people who are away from your location. Maybe, people from another state, country, or continent visit your website for services.

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But how to know that they are from a particular state, country, or continent? IP2Location can help you in such cases. It is an online platform that provides the details of every visitor or viewer of a website using their IP address. It also helps its users to know about the proxies used by the visitors.

What Makes IP2Location Trust & Choose?

In the modern world, everyone is hiding their details to maintain proper privacy, and hiding the location is also a particular detail that people hide for several reasons. People use proxy and VPN services for hiding their geographical location.

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IP2Location can help you find the details like user IP address, country, region, city, coordinates, ISP, time-zone, domain, net speed, IDD & area code, zip, weather station, proxy usage, and more. By this, an owner of an online website can know where the users are coming from, and what global locations are having the highest visits or demand worldwide. Through these, they can create new content or enhance the content related to the particular location. One can say that IP2Location is a solution finder to attract more visits and transactions from a particular area of the state, country, and continent.

Who Can Use IP2Location?

IP2Location is very useful for everyone who owns a website on the internet. Along with them, it is also useful for the people who create applications based on location to restrict the other location users as per their instructions. It is best useful for e-commerce, blogs, portfolios, Shopify, and more.

Services & Plans Of IP2Location

There are two different services or products available on this platform which contain sub-divisions. They are Database and Webservices.


The database offers the sub-divisions of IP geolocation and proxy databases. Both services contain different services and pricing plans. IP geolocation offers the location details of the user like longitude, latitude, weather conditions, timezone, internet provider, location(along with zip code), and more. IP Geolocation has 24 pricing plans that are ranging from $49 to $1849 per year.

IP proxy databases offer details like country, region or state, city, ISP, domain, usage type, ASN, last seen, and threat. It also detects the usage of proxies or VPNs. Along with these, users can also know about threatful users from various locations. IP Proxy databases contain 10 different pricing plans that are ranging from $399 to $3999.

Web services

The section of Webservices contains four sub-divisions. They are IP2Location™ Web Service, IP2Proxy™ Web Service, IP2Location™ Batch Service, and IP2Proxy™ Batch Service.

Speaking about the first service IP2Location™ Web Service provides a service like reverse IP location lookup which provide various information about the user’s location. The pricing plans are ranging from $49 to $1960.

IP2Proxy™ Web Service is an option of the platform to detect all the anonymous proxy and VPN usage in an instant. The pricing of these services ranges from $50 to $2000 per year.

Coming to the IP2Location™ Batch Service allows users to access the file that contains up to 50,000 IP addresses for processing. They can contain IP addresses like IPv4 and IPv6 or a mixture of both. The pricing of these services begins at $99 and ends at $3960 per year.IP2Proxy™ Batch Service is the last service in the Webservice category and it offers file that contains more than 50,000 proxies using IP addresses to process and detects the details. The pricing of this service starts from $99 and stops at $3690.


IP2Location is an online platform and software that helps the users like website owners to know their viewers’ location status worldwide. By using these services, one can know the location including zip codes, proxy & VPN usage status, and much more. Through these, the service users can

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