Integrated Learning Strategies Review – Let The Children Build Strong Wings To Fly High

If you want your child to proactively engage in educational, emotional, and social well-being, join them in the online classes Integrated Learning Strategies offers. They provide innovative and alternative methods that differ from regular tutoring services and help children achieve academic excellence.

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They help in offering assistance, consulting, and specialized programs to children and parents on issues like focus and attention, speech, learning disabilities, and academic struggles. They offer excellent customer support, and the prices of the courses are affordable.

Why Should You Choose Integrated Learning Strategies?

Integrated Learning Strategies help build cognitive skills, emotional control, and grounding. They provide online classes for education, movement and development, Emotions and Behavior, and helpful tips for purchasing toys to improve attention and focus in the classroom.

Integrated Learning Strategies

They also provide tips for owning toys that strengthen posture and motor skills and improve reading and writing skills. They offer excellent customer service, and the prices of the courses are affordable.

Services and Pricing offered by Integrated Learning Strategies

Online Courses – Integrated Learning Strategies offers Online Courses like Integrate with Success, Integrated Movement Activity Center, Primitive Reflexes Handbook, Rewiring The Brain Handbook Part I, II, and Brain Break Puzzles. These courses help build cognitive skills in children and make them successful in academics and life. The prices of the online courses range from $3 to $49.99.

Developmental Milestones – Integrated Learning Strategies offers Developmental Milestones for children of all ages, from toddlers to kids up to 12. The topics provided are Anxiety, Attention and Focus, Balance and Coordination, Core Strength, and more. If you consider anxiety, they provide articles on how to instantly calm an anxious child and help them self-regulate, Simple Brain Gym exercises to awaken the brain for learning readiness, and more.

Gross Motor – Integrated Learning Strategies offers Gross Motors and covers the topics like Gross Motor Activities, Crossing the Midline, Core Strength, Balance and Coordination, Vestibular, and Proprioception. They offer articles for every topic, and some of the articles are seven essential motor skills for higher learning, Rocketship theory, Wrapped legs around chairs, and more. These articles help children build strong values and build strength from childhood.

Education – Integrated Learning Strategies offers articles for education to children on Handwriting Delays, Reading Delays, Learning Challenges, Math, and Science. If you consider Math topics, the articles offered are Visual Spatial Toys to boost a child’s reading and math skills, Visual Development, Homework – How to make homework fun, and more.


Integrated Learning Strategies offers online courses for children and parents for a holistic approach to success in education and emotional well-being. They also offer articles for children to improve their brain functioning, handwriting skills, reading skills, use of toys to maintain balance and improve focus, and more to strengthen the core of life. They provide exceptional customer support, and the prices are also affordable.

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