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Shoes are one of the most used footwear among the people to add more to their style. Latest and trendy shoes play an important role in a stylish lifestyle. Inkkas is an online platform that offers various shoes, sneakers, and boots for men, women, and children.

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Inkkas is an online store that offers a huge variety of trendy footwear and other accessories for all age groups. It has a wide selection of fashionable shoes available in all sizes. More details about the shoes and pricing will be available in this article.

Why choose Inkkas?

Inkkas provides unique and handcrafted shoes from highly skilled workers. If you are concerned about why to choose Inkkas over other shoe brands, one of the main reasons is that it has completely fine quality material crafted by professionals. It has a unique and beautiful collection of exclusive designer shoes for all.

Products at Inkkas?

Inkkas offers a wide collection of designer and beautiful shoes for all different sizes

Geode Camping Boot

This geode pattern Inkkas camping boot is extremely comfortable and has a leather inner lining. It has a new cushion fit technology with removable insoles and high-quality cotton laces. These boots are rugged and completely durable.

Andes Jogger

Inkkas Andes jogger is a handcrafted suede and polyester sneakers stitched by local artisans. It has a durable and super soft interior mesh lining with reinforced heel stitching. This jogger has a 100% rubber outsole with high-quality cotton laces.

Rooster Camping Boot

Rooster camping boots are one of the most unique and comfortable hiking Inkkas boots. It is completely handcrafted using high-quality leather with padded inner lining. It also has a premium removable insole with arch support.
London Sky High Top

London sky-high top is the Inkkas sneakers made from authentic Peruvian textiles and completely stitched with hand by local artisans. It is completely vegan and has a rubber outsole with super soft canvas interior lining.

Pricing at Inkkas

Inkkas offers a huge variety of shoes, sneakers, and boots at affordable and discounted prices. Brown leather vegan camping boots are available at $115. Geode and Rooster camping boots are available for just $149. Andes jogger and Cusco low top are at $79.

All types of high tops and slip-ons for kids are available at $42. Mystic flex runner is available at the discounted price of $59. $20 savings on Sahel flex runner. Bongo lace-up low top original price was $74, and the discounted price is $54. Mallard camping boot is available at the discounted price of $115.


Inkkas is an online store for unique and stylish footwear for men, women, and kids. It has a wide collection of the latest handcrafted shoes with ultra-softness and durability. All the products are made from exclusively high-quality materials for more comfort. Camping boots are crafted especially for durability and hassle-free camping.

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