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Everyone is busy in the everyday growing world. There is no time to take care of themself. The health of the people may decrease mentally and physically. CBD can be a solution for maintaining healthy life physically and mentally. But for that, one should have quality CBD ingredients.

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Ingredients come from farms, and farms are with seeds. If there is no quality seed, there are no quality CBD ingredients and products. To maintain such quality in CBD products, High Supplies are here. It offers the finest quality CBD seeds for growing and getting quality and quantity yields.

Why Choose The High Supplies From All The Seed Supply Brands?

High Supplies offers the best quality seeds to hemp growers. The best part of the platform is that it offers more than 50 varieties of marijuana seeds. It has categorized all the seeds into feminized, auto-flowering, indoor, and outdoor marijuana seeds.


All those categories contain multiple varieties of marijuana seeds that helps growers to choose the best one based on their soils and weather conditions. All the seeds contain a first-class genetic disposition.

The Products & Pricing Of High Supplies

There 4 categories on the website and they are:

1. Feminised Seeds
2. Autoflowering Seeds
3. Indoor Marijuana Seeds
4. Outdoor Marijuana Seeds

Feminized Seeds

In this category, buyers can find 61 products, and every seed has its specialty. The pricing of the seeds ranges from €20 to €45. The usage of special hormone-like Gibberellic acid, helps the growers create feminized seeds from the plants. In this process, the growers can only get 100% feminized seeds.

Autoflowering Seeds

In this category, buyers can find 14 different types of marijuana seeds. The pricing of these products ranges from €25 to €40. These varieties can skip the slow blooming cycle and begin the phase within six weeks after germination. The quick growth cycles give more quality harvests.

Indoor Marijuana Seeds

There is a total of 64 marijuana seed products available in this category. The pricing ranges from €20 to €45. These marijuana seeds have high-level germination that ensures optimal results with stable growth in indoor conditions. Even the seeds are most familiar for indoor growth, but they are good to grow outdoors when growers provide optimal weather conditions.

Outdoor Marijuana Seeds

The total number of marijuana seeds products is 54 available in this category. These outdoor growing seed plants show more resilient characteristics. They ensure to match the outdoor weather conditions and provide good quality yield. The price of these products is €20 to €40.


High Supplies is a platform that offers premium-quality marijuana seeds to growers. All these seeds are divided and categorized carefully. The growers can go through the description of the characteristics mentioned in every category and choose one appropriate for them. These marijuana seed varieties are good enough to give all growers positive results.

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