GrooveLife Review – The Different Silicone Wedding Rings

Groovelife is serving people through products. They inspire people through adventures and reflecting God’s nature through excellence. Groovelife strives for excellence in every aspect of a business. This company believes in building a culture. Life is more than money and comfort. Everyone is created by God of greatness and Legacy of adventure to live and inspire. Wedding rings & Alaska probably won’t go together as always.

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The founder Peter Goodwin needed a wedding band which was on par with work gear. Peter worked during the nights for perfecting the groove ring design. Groovelife is best for manufacturing materials and developing functional designs with an unlimited warranty. Groove rings were kickstarted in 2015 of December. There is the industry leader for adventurous people. Only high-quality products match their lifestyle.

Why GrooveLife?

You can start your adventure with a groove by shopping silicone rings and adventure gear. This groove silicone rings are breathable and Comfortable ring on earth. These bands represent your dedication to your passions. Groove bands are available for both men & women. There is a unique collection for Athletes, Professionals, Superhero parents, hunters, Fishers, Outdoor enthusiasts, Trendy adventures, Troops, Veterans, Police officers, Firefighters, and EMS.


If you are unsure about your size groove life provides a silicon ring sizing guide. This company provides three options to find your size by taking a quiz, Measuring your ring through App and Print size. You also try for three rings for five days free. By paying just $1.99. They will ship to you. Of course, purchasing a ring online is a type one of the challenging tasks. Groove life has a super handy measurement sheet. This helps to find out what exactly your ring size is.  They have an easy exchange policy which ensures to fit. Apply GrooveLife Coupon on your order without fail.

Groovelife Returns

These groove life rings are very tough and durable. They are designed to stretch or tear under extreme pressure. If any damage happened to a groove, then they will replace it with the new one. Regardless of cutting it, stretching it and Stick it in nuclear waste. Some of the possible warranty scenarios like if your groove caught at work it can be covered in the warranty, Even if your dog chewed it up, Bands stucked into a box of razors blades, You can exchange the color and Ring fell off into the cold water of the coast of Antarctica.

Groovelife Custom

Groovelife engraved silicone rings can be customized. These custom imprinted silicon rings are classified into six different types such as Personalized text, Monogram text, Wildlife, Adventure, Faith and Greek. There are paying away for you to express who you are. You can customize your ring by engraving your image. Just choose your style, size, and color.

Groovelife Warranty

They provide warranty within one year of purchase. You can receive free replacement & Shipping for any damage. The user has to pay $6 for shipping and handling charges for any damage. Raven if you lost your band, Add $10 fee for all Custom engraved rings. Same rules are applicable if you purchased at other retailers.

Groovelife Military Discount

U.S military academy proudly supports Go Black Knights. They sell game day rings which are having flexible silicone rubber. These are a perfect replacement for your old metal wedding band. These U.S military bands were classified into two different types such as U.S military academy silicone ring and U.S military academy silicone ring thin. Collegiate silicone rings officially license military rings. Now you can choose your favorite teams. Just commit to your school and Championship.  Specifications of Groove rings such as they have Breathable design, Lifetime warranty, Medical grade silicone, Width up to 8mm, Thickness of 2mm and patent pending.

Groove Life Customer Service

Groove life customer service is honored to serve its customers. You don’t have to return or exchange your order. Their system automatically makes it fast and easy. This groove product comes with a 94-year unlimited warranty. A user can able to track their orders after placing them. This company also provided sizing guide & handy measurement guide. You can shoot an email, and they will get back to you within 48 hours. The user can even chat with customer service representatives.  Just give then a ring one of the representatives will talk with you between 9AM-PM. Contact them by dialing 1-888-981-5550.

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