CallHippo Review – Virtual Phone System That Increases Productivity In Business

CallHippo is a Voice-over-internet-protocol service provider that allows businesses and startups to buy instant local support numbers from many countries worldwide.

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They offer an easy-to-use interface and robust backend architecture where any business can set up the call center within three minutes. It has included cloud computing in the world of telephony, and they aim to replace desktop phones with softphones. They offer excellent customer support, and the prices of the plans are affordable.

Why Should You Choose CallHippo?

CallHippo offers a powerful commercial phone system and is the most comprehensive solution for all business communication needs. It offers features like call transferring, conference calling, call metering and accounting, and private and shared voice message boxes, enhancing overall productivity.

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All these features help you stay connected with the entire world, irrespective of location. It is reliable and offers efficient client interaction with simple conference calls and versatile features. It is also cost-effective, and they offer excellent customer service.

Plans And Pricing Offered By CallHippo?

Basic Plan – The basic plan is the best for startups. You can connect globally and provide features like call forwarding, Voicemail, SMS/Text messages, Smart Switch, and more. It can provide access to unlimited users, and it is offered free of cost, and you should pay only for numbers.

Bronze Plan – In the Bronze plan is ideal for a small team, and you can get a free trial for ten days, and you can also get a free number. The plan price is $16/month, and they provide features like SMS, Voicemails, Shared Inbox, webhook, Paid Call Recording, and all the features available in the basic plan.

Silver Plan – The Silver Plan is best for the Fast Growing Team and offers a ten-day free trial. The price of the plan is $24/month. This plan offers role-based access control, free call recording, Live call, Call Queuing, Call Reminder, Call Cascading, and more.

Platinum Plan – The Platinum Plan is ideal for the larger team. The price of the plan is $40/month. You can also get a ten-day free trial. Some features offered are Power Dialer, Voice broadcastingMultilevel IVR and call transfer, Conference calling, Call Barging, and more. You can get access to all features offered in the Silver plan.

Add-ons – CallHippo offers add-ons like Call Scribe for $15/month, Call Tracking Insights for $25/month, CNAM for $100, which is paid for once, WhatsApp business for $15 per number, Dashboard user for $15/month, Custom Caller ID for $12/month.


CallHippo offers products like Business Phone systems, Speech Analysis, Call Tracking, Voice Broadcasting, Whatsapp Business, and more. These help increase productivity, automate workflow, monitor team performance, and lower communication costs in the business. It offers a super high call connectivity rate and helps maximize your business’s existing potential. They offer great support, and the prices of the plans are affordable.

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