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Are you willing to buy GPS receivers? Then you should select the Bad Elf platform. Bad Elf enables you to jumpstart the field data collection, GPS Trackers, and more at affordable pricing.

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Bad Elf designs software and hardware with Apple’s “Made for iPod” Program. All of their new GNSS receivers can be accurate, flexible, and affordable.
This company supports Bring Your Own Device(BYOD) tablet, phone, notebook, and operating system agnostic. Here the products provide rock-solid GPS location regardless of cellular service. The engineering team tests every product release of the iPhone and iPad. In this review, you will be getting information about the products, services, and prices.

Uniqueness Of Bad Elf

Bad Elf provides external affordable GPS Solutions and is designed with world-class technology. The company provides a 30-day return policy from the date of a product purchase, and the warranty covers the period of one year from the date of purchase. The new phantom modules of this company deliver a 30% gain in battery life, scalable access, and high performance to each GNSS signal and constellation. To get discounts and offers, use the Bad Elf discount codes. To get updates to follow them on social media platforms.

High-Quality Products Of Bad Elf

Bad Elf manufactures different types of devices such as Plug-in GPS, Bluetooth GPS, and more. The following is the explanation of some products,

Bad Elf GPS – It is a lightning connector that appears with a Micro-USB cable for charging your iOS device and detachable keychain lanyard.

Bad Elf Wombat – This device is made for simplicity and easiness. It is used to perform wireless database updates by using only the iPad or iPhone.

Bad Elf Flex – A device that provides a fully multi-constellation capable receiver, SBAS, and single frequency receiver. The options are available from sub-meter with SBAS through full RTK 1cm horizontal accuracy.

Bad Elf Flex Tokens – These tokens enable to easily unlock multi-constellation and multi-frequency for higher accuracy SBAS.

Affordable Pricing Of Bad Elf

Bad Elf sells high-quality devices to track the locations, measure speed, and more that are available at reasonable prices. Some of them are Spare Micro-USB charge cable starting at $3.99, Carrying case for wombat starting at $14.99, Hats for us, for you starting at $24.99, Bad Elf tokens single starting at $25, and check for more products.


Bad Elf provides the GNSS receivers that motivate companies to work on the platforms of their choice. To get the ultimate user experience to gather the Bad Elf flex with iOS, Android, and Windows apps that gives deep domain expertise and better designs. This company is related to the industries such as Commercial Aviation, Marine, Photography, GIS/Mapping, and Aviation. Check out the Bad Elf flex reviews before buying.

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