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Marko Stout Exhibition to Open at Chicago’s Rubin Gallery!

The popular Rubin Gallery in the downtown art district of Chicago will be exhibiting the latest works of New York artist Marko Stout at a private VIP and collectors opening preview party on Thursdays January 26, 2017. The exhibition will open to the general public the following day on January 27th.

Based in Manhattan, Marko Stout became known for his gritty industrial pop style of art. What is so interesting about him is that he did not come up the same path that many other artists follow. He studied biology and medicine in college, getting degrees in this field. He tried to work in medicine but it did not quite appeal to his creative side, which led him to drop this career to move across the country to follow his passions. While he was here in California, he found himself among the local art crowd and this helped him find the inspiration that he was looking for his creative outlet. But, Marko Stout is a New York guy through and through, so naturally he returned to his NYC roots to start his new life as an artist.

This leads us to where we are today, where he has become a phenomenon in the art world. He is widely accepted not just by the art world but by art lovers all over. He is a hit on social media, which helps him keep a solid base of millennials. Big names in media keep offering him high praise, including the millennial favorite Buzzfeed, which says that Stout has “a deeply penetrating gritty edge.” His art is vibrant, versatile and tells a bold story, much like the iconic Andy Warhol- to whom many are comparing this young artist.

His most recent collection, “Exotic Dreams”, features a series of aluminum prints that was very highly praised by writers at the Huffington Post- calling his work, “exciting and inspirational”. This latest collection has really drawn a lot of comparisons to the great Andy Warhol. He has not only reinvented the world of Pop Art as we know it, he has turned it into his own. Stout’s works are very popular with the masses and everyone seems to want to buy one of his highly coveted pieces!

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